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About This Website

You will not find any other swimming pool equipment here. This web site is dedicated only to giving you information about and maintaining your Aqua Products robotic cleaner. We sell OEM parts for Aqua Products cleaners and we are an authorized national service center for all Aqua Products, Inc. products.

Our background includes 50 YEARS of experience in both the commercial and residential swimming pool markets. Our relationship with Aqua Products goes back to the mid 1990's.
Our goal is to provide you with parts, tips, and preventative maintenance instructions to ensure that your purchase of an Aqua Products robotic cleaner is a positive one.
Please note that this web site is NOT the official Aqua Products web site. Go to for information about all Aqua Products products.

Our Business Philosophy

Most of all we want you to enjoy your swimming pool. Part of that enjoyment is having a clear and clean swimming pool. We consider it our responsibility to keep your robotic cleaner in good working order. Whether it is processing your order or servicing your cleaner - it is our commitment to provide our services as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The Difference

The experiences we have had with Aqua Products, Inc., since our relationship started nearly 20 year ago, have been positive. Our previous line of cleaners did not have a strong service network and this is what we feel sets Aqua Products apart from the rest - ease of serviceability.  The service network is strong and we are proud to be a part of that. 

Our Experience

Our company is approaching 50 years of experience in the swimming pool industry in both the commercial and residential markets. We take pride in understanding all of the elements (filtration, water chemistry, maintenance) that contribute to making pool ownership an enjoyable, recreational experience.  The development of robotic cleaners has contributed in making pool ownership more enjoyable than ever. 

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