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Five ways to maximize the life of your robotic cleaner

1. Let it cool down.

The drive and pump motors get hot over time. Removing the cleaner from the water immediately after a run can do premature damage. In order to prolong their life, wait at least 15 minutes before removing it from the pool.


2. Take it easy when you’re removing the cleaner from the water.

Probably one of the most common issues these cleaners have is with the cable. A big contributor to these issues is the way people pull the unit out of the water. When the cleaner is finished with a run minimize the use of the cable to remove from the water. Try strategically stopping your cleaner at steps where you can remove by using the handles. CAUTION: always make sure unit is turned off and the power supply is unplugged. If you must use the cable, pull as gently as possible and the unit will "drift" towards you. When you get it to the waterline, grab it by the body (usually there is a handle) and pull it out. Commercial units have a rope attached to the handle and this should be used for pulling in the water. The handle should be used for lifting it out. Tip: if you pull it out upside down there is a better chance of keeping the dirt in your filter bag and out of the pool. 


3. Keep the cable tangle-free.

This is one of the most important preventative measures you can take. As noted above, the most common issues deal with the cable. Over time, the cable will twist so much that it begins to break inside. This is especially common near the unit itself where the cable enters the cleaner. It really can be a pain to keep it tangle free at times, but there are a few ways you can avoid the tangles and keep it in good shape.

On units with an adjustable handle, after each cleaning session turn the handle the opposite direction. Not only will this help the unit get every spot in the pool, it will help (marginally) to keep the cable untangled.

If you have a cart with your power supply on it, don’t leave the cable plugged in while you’re putting it away. Not only will this make the task more difficult, it will make sure your cable is always tangled.

To properly roll the cable up, start at the unit and work your way out. As you are working you will see the cable untwist itself.

Some common signs you may have an issue with the cable: your power supply is on but the cleaner isn’t doing anything; your power supply is blowing fuses. A quick test you can perform would be to take the cleaner out of the water and walk along the cable, twisting and pulling it (lightly) while the power is on. If you notice the cleaner comes to life momentarily, you more than likely have a broken wire in that area.

4. Clean the filter bag.

The bottom line is, the dirtier your filter is, the harder the motors have to work. Keeping the filter bag clean will help to make your pump motor last as long as possible. A big misconception about these cleaners is that they are to clean dirty pools, which is not the case. They are to keep a clean pool clean. Throwing your ‘Bot in during the opening season to get all of fall’s leaves out is almost certain death for your pump motor. Another thing to stay on top of is the condition of your filter bag. If it is developing holes, the pump will pull the debris through and into it’s propeller. This isn’t something to be too greatly concerned about, but if just the right sized twig jams the impeller, say goodbye to the pump.

5. Be careful with the power supply.

It does not take much to ruin a power supply. One good drop and electrical solder joints can crack and come loose. It is actually surprising how fragile these can be. One rule of thumb is to keep the power supply 10 feet from the edge of the pool and to avoid getting it wet at all costs. 

In conclusion, take care of your 'Bot and it will take care of you, or your pool anyway. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us (top of the page in the green bar). We are an authorized dealer and service center located in Pennsylvania. 

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